Most experienced Maple users have encountered situations where the "do" and "end" statements are not in the same execution group. For example:
> for n from 1 to 10 do
>   n, n^2, 1/n;
Warning, premature end of input, use <Shift> + <Enter> to avoid this message.
> end do;       # in a separate execution group
Error, reserved word `end` unexpected
I have no objection to the issuing of a warning message when the "do" is executed without a matching "end". My request is that the unmatched "end" (particularly when it appears as the initial (non-empty) string in an execution group) should receive a warning instead of an error. It would be ideal the two warnings could be detected. If so, then users could receive a message suggesting that they might want to combine the execution groups. Any comments? Doug

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