As I have used MathML to prepare typeset mathematics in maplets, I noticed that there can be some confusion when there is no explicit multiplication operator. The problem appears to be most severe when two numeric quantities appear next to one another, e.g.,
> t := sin( 5*10^x );
I use the following maplet to see how this looks in MathML:
> with(Maplets[Elements]):
> maplet := Maplet([
>    [MathMLViewer('value' = MathML[Export](t))],
>    [Button("OK", Shutdown())]
> ]):
> Maplets[Display](maplet);
I note that the spacing appears to be a little better in Maple 10 than in Maple 9.5. But I would still prefer a centered dot (\cdot in LaTeX) or an x (\times). Note that I am not asking for a multiplication symbol to appear for all products, just ones where it can be difficult to determine the actual terms of the product. Since I am talking about MathML, I would like to renew an old request: to have one-sided limits displayed with a notation that is consistent with mainstream texts. That is, use a superscript + or - to the right of the limit point instead of diagonal arrows. For example, define
> t := Limit( f(x), x=2, right );
and then display this expression in the previous maplet. Doug

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