Well, I was quite pleaseantly suprised by how much some people at the Maple Conference 05 knew about Maplets:-Tools Set and Get. Unfortunately, DocumentTools GetProperty and SetProperty were designed to be completely different for no appearent reason. Well, a reason was given, but I didn't buy it... Anyway, here is DougsDocumentTools, which works just like Maplets:-Tools Set and Get:

You may download the DougsDocumentTools package at

  Doug's Maplesque

and here are some of the properties:

  1. Like Maplets:-Tools:-[GS]et, the names are Set and Get.
  2. You can get/set more than one attribute at once.
  3. You specify the item and attribute using Maple functions, e.g., DougsDocumentTools:-Get( TA1, TA1(visible) ); where the object in parentheses is the attribute you are seeking. Of course, the default value of the attribute is 'value', like Get and Set.
  4. You can request that the object be parsed and checked for a particular type, again, for a text area: DougsDocumentTools:-Get( TA1::symbol ); will return an error if the ojbect in text area TA1 does not parse to a symbol.
  5. You can request corrections and updates: DougsDocumentTools:-Get( TA1::symbol, corrections = true, update = true ); This will try to get the value, see if it parses, and if it does, check to make sure it's a symbol. If it is not a symbol, or if it doesn't parse, a Maplet Dialog is popped up which requests that the user enter appropriate data. The update option ensures that if the user had to make a correction to the component value, that the component value is updated appropriately.

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