Because all versions of Maple for linux share a common user initialization file, ~/.mapleinit, this file must provide a means to branch if specific customization is desired for different versions of Maple. I've come up with a flexible, if slightly complicated, scheme for handling this. System Initialization File I modify the system initialization file, $maple-release/lib/init for each installed version of maple to assign a global record variable that defines the release. This could be avoided by stripping information from a call to kernelopts(version), however, it isn't clear to me that its format is fixed (i.e won't change with the next release). For Maple 10 my init file is
# /usr/local/share/maple/r10/lib/init
# System initialization file for Maple.
# Written by Joe Riel.
# Assign the global record variable MapleInfo.
# The Release export is used by ~/.mapleinit
# to select the proper intialization file.

MapleInfo := module ()
export Release;
option record;
description "record describing this Maple; used by .mapleinit";
    Release := "10";
end module:

# Local Variables:
# mode: maplev
# End:
User Initialization File The user initialization file, ~/.mapleinit, has a single module that loads the initialization file appropriate for the release. This didn't have to be done in a module, however, doing so allows using local variables that don't effect the global name space.
# ~/.mapleinit
# User initialization file for Maple.
# Read the appropriate initialization file,
# depending on the major release of Maple.
# If, for example, the major release is 9
# then the Maple file $HOME/etc/maple/maple9.mpl is read.
# This depends on the Maple system initialization file
# ($Maple/lib/init) assigning the global procedure MajorRelease.

module ()
local initfile;
description "read the initialization file appropriate to the release";
        initfile := cat(NULL
        read initfile;
    catch "MapleInfo does not evaluate to a module":
        error ("the system-wide initialization file %1/init "
               "was not modified to assign the global record variable MapleInfo.  "
               "Consequently, the release dependent user initialization file "
               "in ~/etc/maple was not read.\n See your system administrator about this."
    catch "unable to read":
        error "cannot read initialization file %1", initfile
    end try;
end module:

# Local Variables:
# mode: maplev
# End:
Release Dependent Initialization Files I put my user-specific release-dependent initialization files in ~/etc/maple. They are named maple9.mpl, maple9.5.mpl, and maple10.mpl (maple9.5.mpl is a symbolic link to maple9.mpl). I also have a common initialization file, maple-common.mpl, that is loaded by each of the other files. A typical release dependent initialization file consists of a single module that assigns whatever is desired, mainly setting up libname.
# ~/etc/maple/maple10.mpl
# Custom user initialization file for Maple 10.

local home,syruplib;
global mylib,testlib,helplib,libname,patchlib;
    if not IsWorksheetInterface() then plotsetup(x11) end if;
    home := getenv("HOME");
    mylib   := cat(home,"/maple/lib");
    helplib  := cat(home,"/maple/helplib");
    testlib := cat(home,"/maple/testlib");
    syruplib := cat(home,"/maple/syrup/lib");
    libname := (testlib,mylib
    read cat(getenv("HOME"),"/etc/maple/maple-common.mpl")
end module:

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