The standard Maple worksheet uses color to distinguish elements. This is convenient when viewed on the screen, however, when printing to a monochromatic printer, colored text frequently is too light. I prefer to have it printed as dark black. This tip describes one way to do that. The technique is to apply a previously created style file that specifies all the fonts as being black. The easiest way to do this is to first create a user style file that has has your default settings, then manually edit this file to change the foreground color of all fonts to black. You could manually change the colors using the Maple Format -> Styles submenu; however, doing so is more work than editing the file in an external editor. To create a user style file, in the Standard Maple GUI do
  1. Format -> Manage Style Sheets
  2. New Style Sheet
  3. Select All; Ok
  4. save to a file, say in a selected directory.
Next, copy this file to Open in an editor and change all fields of the form foreground="[red,green,blue]" to foreground="[0,0,0]". The subfields red, green, blue correspond to the intensities of the three primary colors; setting each to zero creates a dark black font. To use this style, in the Maple GUI
  1. Format -> Manage Style Sheets
  2. User Defined Style Set; Browse
  3. select
  4. Revert to Style Set; Ok; Ok
The fonts should all be black. To revert to color, repeat the last four steps, but select or select the Default Maple Style Set and click Revert to Style Set. For convenience I've attached my file.

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