I find the font/colour combinations make posts a bit hard to read sometimes.
  1. The title colour for comments and times is a light grey, while the colour of comment text is a darker grey. These can be hard to read against a white background. With occasional exceptions, non-coloured text against a white background should be black for maximum contrast.
  2. Distinct comments should be visually separated from each other somehow, either by a horizontal bar or by using a different background colour for comment headers. (The latter is what is done, for example on Slashdot).
  3. Curiously, the site's stylesheet uses "Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" as its font preference for default content (under body), but "Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" for comment content (under .nodebody).

    So different but very similar-looking fonts will be used for different parts of the page. This seems strange; I would have expected to see Verdana in the .nodebody list too.

  4. Further to the previous point, I find 12-point Arial rather hard to read, and would suggest using a something a bit bigger than 12 if you're going to use Arial as the default font for comments. 12-point Verdana seems alright.
  5. It would be very nice to have some degree of user customizability for the interface.

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