The MaplePrimes community continues to provide very helpful feedback about how well the product is working (and how well it isn’t!).  Thank-you.  We always appreciate your taking the time to report these problems so we can make our products better.  Maple 14 includes several fixes that were made specifically in response to reports made from MaplePrimes, including improvements in:
•    Polygon plots
•    StringTools
•    fsolve
•    Density plots
•    Operator overloading
•    Typesetting involving mods in 2-D math
•    Extensions to DocumentTools[Do] for programmatic refresh of components
•    Searching online help

Just a reminder that the best way to report problems is to use the “Submit Software Change Request” link, which can be used for bug reports, suggestions, requests for new or different functionality, etc.  Reports submitted that way go directly into our database. While we do constantly monitor the site and act on problems as they are reported, the form is definitely the preferred method.


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