Does the Historian badge verification work only for Questions posted since the Mapleprimes system upgrade?

For the Popular/Great/Good Question/Post badges, will the summary pages like this show the member or the link to the actual posts in question? If it shows links to only the member, then how could we easily see links to all the actual qualifying posts? How about a category under the Posts/Questions pages for Top Ranked (using a cumulative +1/-1 sum for each ranked post, where the server could store the known set rather than compute on the fly at page request time).

As a related question, how can we view Posts/Questions ordered by descending rank? Are there not other good search-related uses for response/post ranking other than just to re-order them on any given parent post page?

And might the main page's top menubar have Posts possibly be converted to be a dropdown menu, so that one could get directly to summary views of all the Product Tips/Personal Stories/General Discussion/etc without having to first load the complete summary page?

Is it possible that the number of up-votes required for Good/Great Post/Question might be revisitied by the admins? This site is being driven by a small handful of active voters, and that may well not change for some time. Is it really the case, that there might be no posts deemed worthy, if the totals stay generally <6 after a few months? (I go back and up-vote old posts, but will many people do that?)

Lastly, how about a FAQ tag which could only be added by a Moderator. There could be only one canonical FAQ post per topic item (hence the Moderator control). That way, the rest of us could easily find(!) and cite those FAQ posts instead of writing out the repeats. Posts which cited a FAQ post could possibly get another "FAQ-cited" or similarly named tag.

ps. A bug: the link in the title of the "Active Conversations" menu in the left-pane is invalid. It's pointing at,


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