I propose a huge mapleprimes suggestion.  What would happen if you re-opened the old mapleprimes site?

I propose you run both mapleprimes old and mapleprimes new at the same time for a few of months and see which site becomes more active.  Users will gravitate towards the one that is better layed out, easier to navigate, and seems to work better.  Mapleprimes can track which site becomes more active.  Currently the data of comparing the activity of this mapleprimes to last years mapleprimes activity is not really a good benchmark to determine that this new mapleprimes is successful. 

I was busily trying to backup the data on the old site before the new mapleprimes went up.  It's almost always, when transition occurrs that information is lost, even though assurance is given ...  I wonder where I've heard that before?  ...  Anyways, I know it's already been said that it won't be done however it would've been nice to know how much the mapleprimes user community preferred the old site over the new.  Concrete evidence over perception are two completely different things. 

How about a poll? ... Where are the polls?  Can we create a poll and vote on this topic?

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