Yesterday I have came across with this thread, while browsing the list of "Unanswered Questions". As it started quite recently (May 11) I did remember that I have posted some answers there. So I inspected it and found the already classical problem that all the answers were not taken into account just because they were classified as "Comment". Once more, I note that answering in Primes 1 by "reply" was most standard and most of the times I did not only when I forgot to press "reply" instead of writing directly in the editor at the bottom. In short, in Primes 1, the difference between both answer edit modes was irrelevant. But now, in Primes 2, that irrelevant difference became (artificially) very relevant.

As I have read some comment of Will about transforming "Comment" to "Answer" I looked at it and found a button for that purpose in the editor mode. So, I decided to try a minimal contribution for cleaning that list and performed the experiment by transforming my answer "quote" from "Comment" to "Answer", not being sure about the consequences.

What I have got, as you can see now, is that my answer, that was the second post in the thread, went down to the end of the thread, instead of keeping its place. Thus, as it stands, the thread makes little sense and my question now is: how can I put my answer again in its place?

Another issue that I have found is that the inserted picture in the subsequent answer (or comment?) "it works for me" was missing, and I had to upload it again. Now, Will says that those files were not lost during the translation process to Primes 2. Hence, this file was "lost" sometime between May 11 and the end of May. This is a quite short and recent period, and it should be quite easy to look at the available daily/weekly backups and nail down when exactly it was lost and likely find how.

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