I find it very odd that this forum which is not very graphic intensive runs so slowly.  It runs like there's animated ads running in the background slowing things down, but this is a text forum with the odd graphic in the threads but hardly anything else.  I can't see why it can't work so much faster.

Why must one have high speed and the latest browser for this site to work marginally well?  Load times for the home page should load almost instantly, on high speed at work, I even notice a second or two delay before it pops up.  Refreshing the screen takes ample amounts of time and even more so on my 56.6k.

I believe if the site were/is optimized for a slower connection we would see dramatic improvements.  Based on minimal complaints and minimal mapleprimes changes I believe everyone has high speed and is mostly satisfied with the speed and setup of the site.  Just a thought but how easy is it for someone to setup and mimic an old forum site someone else has produced?  or are there some legalities/rights involved there?

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