I'm finding that posts get burried very quickly in the new forum. 

Also why can't we have the second level selection look like the first level (as seen here www.mapleprimes.com/posts)  ?  Unexpanded question topics (no summary)

I find the summary info as added fluff the forum doesn't need. 

So do something like as the old one was (simplified with topics only here just for clarity and directory structure)

Announcements        -------------------------                 No icons at this stage - no summary 
Applications, Examples and Libraries----------
Product Tips & Techniques---------------------<---Maplets and Cleartype Text Tuning                 
MaplePrimes Commons General Te----------      Using 3rd party external functions
Education---------------------------------------       Inverse Lookup----------------------------<  The whole question
Product Suggestions---------------------------      Emacs debugger for maple
MaplePrimes Suggestions---------------------
Personal Stories--------------------------------

Bah!  it's so slow here and buggered up I can't finish what I mean (I just typed that sentence out and literally waited 26 seconds for it to appear.  Hopefully someone understands what I mean.  I've literally been here typing ... waiting ... typing ... waiting ... ... waiting ... waiting ... typing ...  for almost 30 minutes now to try to finnish this message.  Technically what I typed in, this message should have only taken less than 5 minutes.  Is there a fix? 

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