Just a suggestion to make it easier to determine wether a question is still open or has been answered.

I have noticed there are many questions that have not been answered throughout mapleprimes history so here I am suggesting that a small yellow circle in front of the question denote an open question and a small green circle to represent answered questions.

Sometimes I come across unanswered questions, and it is still open but looks like it could be answered.  I only propose this simple identification system to quickly identify if a question was never answered.  I believe this should be an option left up to the original author.  I recall a forum that adapted this sort of system where the original poster could close off his question as answered, if not the question was marked open, I believe it was on a vmware workstation forum or something like that, I can't recall but I do know that I liked the idea of marking a question open or answered. 

Is this an idea that could be implemented here in mapleprimes?

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