Aren't the acceptance numbers for various badges just way too high? Mapleprimes has only had 2 (one each) Good Posts at this date. And no Good Answers or Great ones of either type. But that's clearly not right, as the new site has had lots of great posts and answers. This same issue was raised long ago, and the admin response of long ago was that it would be revisited.

And there is the previously mentioned 5 vs 10 mismatch for the Good Answers & Good Question icons/pages.

And there is the bug Alec mentioned, where badge-pages don't show full membership results, past the (false) "page 1 of 1".

Forum pages' mini-summaries still get used to index keyword searches. If a Post or an Answer or a Question contains a word then naturally that is the instance that should be recorded. But what happens instead is that summaries (the leading sentences) also get scanned on Forum pages. And of course the location of a post in the Forum pages changes as it gets bumped down the list. So the "summary" gets logged for a keyword when it's on page 5 of 92 on day X, and when on page 7 of 93 on day Y, etc. In consequence there is much duplication clutter in Search results.

The same is true of individual member-pages. They contain summaries which should not be used to index the Search database, since an individual page's contents would already be otherwise indexed.

Could the Search results containing "itunes" be filtered out of the logging process? By that I mean page the content of links (like Do a Search for "dtd", or "XML" to see such. Also, why do some (.mws?) files get used for the indexing, since that results in mark-up code being indexed as if it were the (text) message? Search "XML" to see that.

I was looking in the summary pages for badges such as Popular Post (or Popular Answer) and I noticed something odd. Some of the recipients posted all such submissions long before the switch-over to the "new, mark II" Mapleprimes which occurred within the last year.

It's difficult to see how any of the posts from circa 2005-2006 made by some of the Popular Post/Answers badge recipients might've been viewed by over 1000 distinct IP addresses within less than the last year. Do the logs really demonstrate that?

I thought that all viewership data was not imported from the "old" Mapleprimes. In the "old" Mapleprimes some posts like this one showed as over 8000 views just before the "old" site converted, while now it shows less than 5000 views. That seems to prove that not all old viewership data was imported to the "new" site. Which is fine. But was it applied consistently across all old posts, from all (including Student) imported forums? (This has nothing to do with the unique visitor tally. It's just evidence that old viewership data was not all imported.)

Tags are buried too far from the site's to-page (in a scroll down menu)? The "Popular Tags" preview in the side panel is still static and unchanging. Does it still reflect only total site numbers, and not dynamically change according to new submissions? There may be a self-fulfilling problem: tags are underused because they are buried and poorly integrated, and they are not better integrated because it's not worth it to do better for something that is not used often.

There is no "Mapleprimes" entry in the "Version where found" (only "product" menu available) drop down menu of the Software Change Request page. Same for Maple 14.01 and MapleSim 4.5.

On the recent activity page, no Last Action Taken is ever shown as being between 1 hr and 2 hrs ago. After 59 mins, an items's ages jump back an hour to zero. Then when the item's age is (actually, wall-clock) 2 hrs its correct age shows once more. In essance the time display goes like 0->59min, 0-59min, 2hrs -> up. Of course, it should correctly go like 0->59min, 1hr->1hr59min, 2hr->up.

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