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Hello, I am given a question in the form f(x)=x^delta sin(1/x) if x does not equal zero,and f(x)=0 if x = 0. the question goes on to say, where delta > 0, we know that f is continous at x=0, but is differentiable at x=o only when delta > 1. it asks me to use maple to provide evidence for this using MAPLE,s graphing features. I am not sure how to input this into MAPLE. Could someone please help? thank's a bunch
Hi all, Here are my questions: 1) How do i perform small-angle approximation (linearization) on a nonlinear DE using Maple. This is necessary to create a state-space representation of the DEs. By small-angle approximation i mean that: sin(theta(t))=theta(t) cos(theta(t))=1 theta(t)^2 = 0 theta(t)*alpha(t)=0 and so on.... I tried using manual substitution using the "subs" command. It is not a very feasible method. I have tried "dsolve" command. Not what i want since i only want to linearize the DEs and not solve for a particular angle. 2) My second question is regarding defining outputs of the "DiffEquation" command. Usually it will go:
I am using windows vista but with office 2003. I am also using maple 11 with the 11.01 build. On installing maple excel addin I have this error: 'VBE6EXT.OLB' could not be loaded. Clicking OK gives another error: 'Unexpected Error (50001)' Now I can't even open the VB Editor. I get the error message: 'Out of Memory' Any help? Thanks.
I would like to set up library(s) of routines that can be accessed as part of MapleNet applications. MapleNet applications are prevented from doing file i/o unless you specifically "unprotect" your server. Is there a way to set up libraries on my web server to safely get around it? Or is there a way to include my library routines while I'm building my maplet application, without copying and pasting in the source?
For my technical applications I use the incomplete EllipticE(z,k) = int(sqrt(1-k^2*t^2)/sqrt(1-t^2),t=0..z) and Incomplete Elliptic integral of the first kind EllipticF(z,k), both with z positive but arbitrary and with 0<>
Hello: I just bought this maple sofware last week, and I need some help with that. I am tryingto do my homework from college, "calculus and trig" I need to know how I can erase after I have bee done an exercise in the little window going to: maple 11, untitle, tools, tutor, single variable? I this is very good but I jsut can not erase anyting after I did an exercise , please I need help!! thank you!
Not sure if this is known or not, I couldn't find any reference to it. If you have a Maplet that you serve over the Internet using MapleNet, if the Maplet code has a trailing comment character - # -, then the Maplet won't display. You get the unhelp error message: "Exception is server did not return a correct Maplet Definition. Results were" It's a trivial problem once you find it, but finding it was not trivial. For the MapleNet developers. Take any Maplet, add a new line at the end of the file, put a comment character at the start of the line. The Maplet will not work. You can add the comment char to the .maplet file or to a .mw that is then exported. Happens in MapleNet 10.5 and MapleNet 11.
Hi! Could somebody please tell me if there is a student version of the Global Optimization toolbox? Thanks, Raj By the way, I bought Maple 11 today...its awesome!!!
Hi I have a small problem which i hoped you could help me with. On my personal computer i have installed Maple 10, so i could do some schoolwork home. But on the computers at my school we use Maple 8. When i try to open a file made in Maple 10 in Maple 8, i only get weird signs. So I have to copy everything i wrote at home, on to the school computer. Its not the end of the world, but it takes time. Is there any way to fix this? Is Maple 9.5 backward compatabil with Maple 8? Thanks in advance!
I want to display international characters in maplets. For this to work with the MapletViewer I have found that they maplet needs to be saved using the Western (Windows-1252) encoding. (Even this appears to not be entirely perfect, but that is not the issue here.) I have had absolutely no success with MapleNet. The international characters appear differently when the same maplet is launched with MapletViewer and with MapleNet. The two maplets can be viewed from our MapletNet server by visiting the URLs:
Hi, By default it seems that using plot in the maple:statement tag in a jsp page creates jpegs. Is there a way, via plotsetup or otherwise, to create images in different formats? Thanks.
Is it possible to have MapleNet generate pretty-printed math formulas as images, or does it require the user to have a browser that can render MathML?

For instance, in the integration.jsp demo I can use

<maple:statement type="text">doInt()</maple:statement>

to print out


But what if I wanted that pretty-printed, and I was on a browser that didn't support MathML. Is there any way I could do that?
Hey guys. I seem to have hit a few nasty snags while trying to create Maplets, I wanted to ask a few questions to the guru's here to make sure I can do what I want to instead of wasting time trying to find it. First off: Can I create a GUI in which I can have tabs so that I can have multiple pages worth of actions in seperate segments. For example, I want to illustrate how to do 6 different types of questions. however I don't want EVERYTHING on one screen. Is this possible? Also, I want to create a grid like system for a circuit, given some initial input. Can I pass parameters so that when the circuit tab is pressed a frame is popped up (or another maplet), that takes in input, and passes it on to the main Maplet program?
Hello, I would like to convert Maple solutions to Matlab code. Is there a simple package or Maple code doing that ? I do not want to create a permanent link between Maple and Matlab with a toolbox but simply convert the Maple code to a Matlab code. Thanks a lot ! Guillaume
I would like some help on how to include mathml formulas from Maple in jsp pages for Maplenet. I use de MathML:-ExportPresentation to obtain the mathml form from Maple, but I cannot see it correctly in a jsp page. It seems mathml works fine when I have a html page. I would like to know if is there anything else I should do so that i can work in jsp too. Thanks
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