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the program shows that the error please verify it

I am trying to evaluate the following double integral where hypergeom([x,1/2],[3/2],C) is gauss hypergeometric function 2f1. maple gives back it unevaluated. I doubt it may be due to slow convergence of hypergeometric function. 

restart; x := (1/6)*Pi; evalf(int(evalf(int(cos(x)*hypergeom([x, 1/2], [3/2], sin(x)/(r*cos(x)+k-2*r*sin(x))^2)/(r*sin(x)^2+r*cos(x)+k)^4, k = 0 .. 10)), r = 1 .. 2))

Int(Int(.8660254040*hypergeom([.5000000000, .5235987758], [1.500000000], .5000000000/(-.1339745960*r+k)^2)/(1.116025404*r+k)^4, k = 0. .. 10.), r = 1. .. 2.)





I am trying to evaluate the following triple integral but it takes much time so i kill the job.


restart; R := 5; KK := proc (theta) options operator, arrow; evalf(int(int(int(1/(R*sin(theta)^2+(R*cos(theta)+Z)^2+(2*R*k.sin(theta))*cos(p))^2, p = 0 .. 2*Pi), Z = 0 .. 60), k = 1 .. 10, numeric)) end proc; evalf(KK((1/6)*Pi))

Warning,  computation interrupted






i want to solve a function which contains below series, but I can't.





for k from 0 to n do
end do;

with the first SS I have gotten a wrong nswer and with the second SS this error has been seen:

Error, (in solve) cannot solve expressions with sum(F[L-j]*F[j], j = 0 .. L) for F[j]

is there qny one hepl me please.


I'm having a trouble with this trivial code in Maple. The output is, well, ... stupid ! I'm askingMaple to do a vectorial sum and substraction of 5 cross products, and what I get is silly : a sum of vectors, but it doesn't give the total vector ! What the hell !?


ly := 9.4607*10^15:
M0 := 1.99*10^30:

M1 := 2.20*M0:
M2 := 2.00*M0:
M3 := 1.50*M0:
M4 := 3.00*M0:

r1 := [-3, 3, 0]*ly:
r2 := [0, -2, 0]*ly:
r3 := [1, 2, 0]*ly:
r4 := [6, 4, 0]*ly:

v1 := [25, 15, 0]*10^3:
v2 := [20, -20, 0]*10^3:
v3 := [-5, -25, 0]*10^3:
v4 := [15, 0, 0]*10^3:

Mtot := M1 + M2 + M3 + M4:

rcm := (M1*r1 + M2*r2 + M3*r3 + M4*r4)/Mtot:
vcm := (M1*v1 + M2*v2 + M3*v3 + M4*v4)/Mtot:

Ltot := crossprod(r1, M1*v1) + crossprod(r2, M2*v2) + crossprod(r3, M3*v3) + crossprod(r4, M4*v4) - crossprod(rcm, Mtot*vcm);

I have done other codes with vectors like these, using the crossprod command, and they are all working great.  So I don't understand what is going on here.  I'm using Maple 13.

I'm not a strong user of Maple, so I may have done a simple mistake somewhere, but I really don't see what and where. So what is wrong with this Maple code ?


Dear sir,

in the program boundary conditions D(f)(0)=0 doesn't showing result but when use d(f)(0)=1 it will execute, why is this can you explain this ?

Hi MaplePrimes,

As an amataeur with this computer tool, I want to know the arrow notation.

For example " l -> 8*l ".

I'm sure this easy question is okay.





HI Maple primes.  We try to make sense of 'rsolve' in the Maple world.  What is command for source code?





Hi Mapleprimes,

We know that '' rsolve '' is a recurrence equation solver.  It is more than an expression simplifier.

Congratulations to the Maple computer algebra team for creating such a great computer tool.  simply want to know more.


Surely there are many steps to determine the values to place.




Hi Mapleprimes,,,

We see Maple file.


We are aware of

sequence data

0 2
1 4
2 16
3 48
4 160
5 512
6 1664
7 5376
8 17408
9 56320
10 182272
11 589824
12 1908736
13 6176768
14 19988480
15 64684032
16 209321984


Where F(m)=2*F(m-1)+4*F(m-2).

Goal - to increase refereed database.


Matthew Charles Anderson

Legislative Assistant

Oregon USA

Age 42.

Dear please check once it showing an error as intial value is not conververging

Dear sir,

I tried to solve a fourth order problem. But I got the error message as better to use midpoint method. Can I know what is midpoint method and here I uploading the problem please verify it if I did anything mistake?

Hi Mapleprimes,

I wrote some quick maple code -

for a from 1 to 10 do
if isprime(a)=false then print(ifactor(a)) else print('1',a) end do;
end do

I want to use the factors command to reproduce

Can anyone help me with this?




Hi everybody,

The Collatz conjecture can be used to give students a taste of a topic in Number Theory.  See the Wikipedia article for a good explaination.

Also, a conjecture is something that is probrably true.  Enjoy my little Maple procedure.  (in .mw and .pdf forms)


Comments are appreciated.



HI MaplePrimes,

Is the Goldbach Weak Conjecture proven?

Consider odd primes p, q, and r.  The question is, Is the sum p+q+r sufficient to reach all odd numbers greater than 9?

See -'s_weak_conjecture

I tried an example.





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