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Hi there,


I am trying to compute the following, and I am getting this error.


> A := map(convert, M, unit_free)*Unit('m'*(1/'s'^2));
(I had to put the Unit('m'*(1/'s'^2)) because the original units were kNm/s^2 (kg), and even though I simplified it, it's still using kNm/s^2, and leaves the m/s^2 for some reason when I try to remove the units. I tried simply changing the units on the original matrix, but the units menu has disappeared from the right-click menu!!)

> B := map(convert, K, unit_free);


Loading RealDomain;


Error, (in assuming) when calling 'Engine:-Dispatch'. Received: 'should not happen: Rename expects the input to contain unknown functions'

Why is it giving me this error? omega is an unknown variable that I am trying to solve for. I am going a modal analysis, so maybe there is a better way to find omega?


Any help appreciated!



Maple show "

Error, (in simplify/hypergeom/baseHG) Maple was unable to allocate enough memory to complete this computation. Please see ?alloc"

after I finish the equations set and run it.

what's the reason?

I have written the code below, and received the error message in the bottom. Can any body help me?

> with(plots);

> u := 100*sin((1/2)*pi*x)*((1-cosh(pi))*sinh((1/2)*pi*y)+sinh(pi)*cosh((1/2)*pi*y))/sin(pi);

> implicitplot({u = 10, u = 20, u = 30, u = 40, u = 50, u = 60, u = 70, u = 80, u = 90}, x = 0 .. 2, y = 0 .. 2, grid = [100, 100]);

Error, (in plots/implicitplot) invalid input: the following extra unknowns were found in the input expression: {pi}

please help me a bout:

> u := am+bm*m0*x(t)+cm*n0*y(t);
> v := an+bn*m0*x(t)+cn*n0*y(t);
> eq1 := diff(x(t), t) = 2*A*(sinh(u)-x(t)*cosh(u));
> eq2 := diff(y(t), t) = 2*A*(sinh(v)-y(t)*cosh(v));
> init := x(0) = X, y(0) = Y;
> sol := dsolve({eq1, eq2, init}, {x(t), y(t)});
> param := A = 1/2, am = 0, bm = 1.2*exp(-4), cm = .5*exp(-5), m0 = 10000, an = 0, bn = -exp(-4), cn = 1.2*exp(-3), n0 = 1000;
> ;
> save u, v, param, " narm.sav";
Warning, unassigned variable `u` in save statement
Warning, unassigned variable `v` in save statement
Warning, unassigned variable `param` in save statement
> init := x(0) = 0, y(0) = 0.1e-1;
> eq1 := subs(param, eq1);
> eq2 := subs(param, eq2);
> sol := dsolve({eq1, eq2, init}, {x(t), y(t)}, numeric);
> with(plots);
> odeplot(sol, [x(t), y(t)], 0 .. 60, numpoints = 300, view = [-1 .. 1, -1 .. 1]);

hi. please help me about modeling population migration. i am writing a sample for drawing plot in maple, however maple has not any error, but working incorrectly. my program is:

> u := am+bm*m0*x*t+cm*n0*y*t;
> v := an+bn*m0*x*t+cn*n0*y*t;
> eq1 := diff*(x*t, t) = 2*A*(sinh(u)-x*t*cosh(u));
> eq2 := diff*(y*t, t) = 2*A*(sinh(v)-y*t*cosh(v));
> init := x*0 = X, y*0 = Y;
> sol := dsolve*({eq1, eq2, init}, {x(t), y(t)}, numeric);
> param :=A=1/(2) ,am=0 , bm=1.2*(e)^(-4) ,cm= 0.5*(e)^(-5) ,;
> m0 = 10000, an = 0, bn = -exp(-4), cn = 1.2*exp(-3), n0 = 1000;
> save u, v, param, " narm.sav";
> init := x*0 = 0, y*0 = 0.1e-1;
> eq1 := subs*(param, eq1);
> eq2 := subs*(param, eq2);
> sol := dsolve*({eq1, eq2, init}, {x(t), y(t)}, numeric);
> with*plots;
> odeplot*(sol, [x*t, y*t], 0 .. 60, numpoints = 300, view = [-1 .. 1, -1 .. 1]);
> odeplot*(sol*d, [t, x*t, y*t], 0 .. 60, numpoints = 300, orientation = [70, 55], colour = black, axes = normal);
> init := x*0 = -1, y*0 = 1;
> sold := dsolve*({eq1, eq2, init}, {x(t), y(t)}, numeric);
> odeplot*(sold, [x*t, y*t], 0 .. 60, numpoints = 300, view = [-1 .. 1, -1 .. 1], color = black);

I have 16 running on 32 bit xp computer, but I cannot install on 64 bit m/c with windows 8.1.

Have tried -r ,-f, -i options as in install.html, but install log says nothing installed.

How do I install ?

Hi, I am an student and I am currently working on a system that sketches the relation of predator and prey of yellowstone's gray wolf and elk. I tried using the Lotka-Volterra model, but I wanted to add more parameters and add a carrying capacity for the system. Unfortunatley I cannot find a way to edit the Lotka model to my needs, and because I am new i do not know how to create my own model. This is the two equations I want to use: (D(x))(t) = alpha*x(t)-ax^2/k-b*x(t)*y(t)-gx(t), (D(y))(t) = -beta*y(t)+c*x(t)*y(t)-gy(t)

were k is carrying capacity.

Basically what I am asking is that if someone can help make the system workable on Maple and some steps of how to do it. 

I am trying to use maple to plot a poincare section for the following Hamiltonain:

H:=(1/8)*(p1^2+16*p2^2-4*p1*p2*cos(q1-q2))/(3+sin(q1-q2)^2) - cos(q2)-8cos(q1)

I've been using Maples built in command as follows:

poincare(H, t=-5000..5000, ics, stepsize = 0.1, iterations = 1, scene = [q2,p2]);

for a given set of initial conditions ics. My problem is however I need to restrict the plotting value to p1>0, as otherwise i seem to get two overlapping maps as seen below:

How exactly can i do this?

I am trying to simplify sums of a few LaguerreL polinomials of different n using the identities in the function advisor such as recurrsion relations. How does one go about in using the FunctionAdvisor identities when trying to simplify expressions containing orthogonal polynomials? 



Hi there,


I'm relativly new to maple and right now I'm trying to plot a couple of points (as part of a TSP-Solution) by doing the following:


p := [[565,575],[685,595],[700,580],[770,610]];

pointplot(p, connect=true);


Unfortunately it doesn't number the points. What I'm trying to do is that the above four points have a number or an index so I can see which point is where. 


Is there a way to do this?






I have a simple program to find the intercepts of an equation but I would like to program to ask the user:Would you like the run the program again?  Below is my code:




all the program stuff

end proc:

Do you want to run the program again? Yes/No

How do I call the program again



I'm trying to solve some ODE analitically. But Maple gives me an incorrect solution. What am I doing wrong? Thank you.


Hello, my problem is that I've changed in tools maple default mode to "Maple input" from "2-d" I've aplied it globbaly and it doesnt'work. Still when type Enter it switch automatically to 2-d Math, and I have to change it by Ctrl-M to 1-d. Any ideas how to solve it? I want 2-d just to output.

Hey all, I am new to the maple software. 

I have a question to create a binary sequence -consisting of m zeroes and n ones.  For example, m=n=2. then the number of combinations of the binary sequence is 6,nchoosek(4,2).  And the combinations could be {1,1,0,0}, {0,0,1,1}

{1,0,1,0} ,{0,1,0,1},{0,1,1,0} and {1,0,0,1}. How do I program the maple code ,that could print out all the combinations above?

Hi all

I'm having a hard time, making Maple plot a pretty huge expression in my project.

I have solved a differential equation with initial conditions with method=laplace. The differential equation contains a fourier serie equation, so the more accurate i want the equation to be, the larger the differential equation will be.

Maple solves the equation just fine, and i can plot the solution with 2-4 fourier parts, but when i go higher as i need, the graph ends up empty?

with 20 parts i get the following equation: 


if i plot that expression, the graph ends up empty?

I did also try to solve the equation numerical to plot it with odeplot, but when i try to solve it without the laplace method i get this error message:
"Error, (in dsolve) found the following equations not depending on the unknows of the input system:"

The differential equation is:

ode:=diff(Theta(t), t, t)+2*Zeta*omega[balanceue]*(diff(Theta(t), t))+omega[balanceue]^2*Theta(t) = M[p]/m[balanceue]

and the initial conditions:

ICS := Theta(0) = (1/8)*Pi, (D(Theta))(0) = 0;

when i do:

dsolve({ICS, ode}, Theta(t), method = laplace) it solves just fine.


but when i try with:

dsolve({ICS, ode}, Theta(t))


dsolve({ICS, ode}, Theta(t),numeric)

I get the message: 

Error, (in dsolve) found the following equations not depending on the unknowns of the input system: {Theta(0) = (1/8)*Pi, (D(Theta))(0) = 0}

It doesnt seem logical at all, is it a bug? Or can anybody help me with this problem?



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