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can someone please look at this modified C.Love code, hopefully the problem i'm having is self explanatary.

I remember to have seen and used a command to make the graph of the output of FeynmanDiagrams but I can not find more sample files. Someone can tell me how to do (plot a Feynman graph using the result of FeynmanDiagrams).

Thanks and sorry for my english.

How do I permanently change the current directory on a MAC computer?


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Per Kirkegaard


I would like to know how to generate super/subscript characters in axis label. I have tried the double underscore (atomic variable style) and the super/subscript under "Format" in document mode but no luck at all. Any comment/suggestion is truly appreciated.

Yu-Hung Lien





Hi guys,

If I have a Hermitian 4x4 Matrix with elements that behave like complex numbers except that they do NOT commute. Is it possible to diagonalize this Matrix using Maple and the Eigenvectors - method of the LinearAlgebra package?






P.S.: I am using Maple 18

Presented at the National University of Trujillo - CUICITI 2014.

IT Solutions for the Next Generation of Engineers




Descarga aqui los Slides de la presentación/mw CUICITI-2014



Lenin Araujo Castillo

Physics Pure

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Hello everyone,

I've been trying to do some perturbation theory and ran into some problems I don't quite understand. I implemented the Hamiltonian of the Bose-Hubbard model and treated the hopping as a perturbation. Calculating the second order energy shift is easily accomplished, but when I'm only interested in one of the two occuring terms, I run into problems. The calculation takes minutes to finally fail, giving me an "too many levels of recursion"-error. I need to be able to just pick a few terms for some calculations, I'm doing, and can't figure out what I might be doing wrong. Here is the source code (download is below):

restart; with(Physics); Setup(mathematicalnotation = true)

a__1 := Annihilation(N, 1):

assume(`and`(`in`(m, nonnegint), m > 0)):

Physics:-Ket(N, m, m)


H := Physics:-`*`(Physics:-`*`(1/2, n__1), n__1-1)+Physics:-`*`(Physics:-`*`(1/2, n__2), n__2-1):

`ΔE__2` := Physics:-`*`(Physics:-`*`(2, d), simplify(value(Typesetting:-delayDotProduct(Typesetting:-delayDotProduct(Typesetting:-delayDotProduct(Typesetting:-delayDotProduct(Dagger(psi), V), 1/(E(m, m)-H)), V), psi))))



simplify(value(((Dagger(psi).c__2)*a__1.(1/(E(m, m)-H)).c__1)*a__2.psi))

Error, (in PatternMatching:-AlgStruct:-Match) too many levels of recursion




It would be great, if someone could point out the mistake, I'm making. I copy/pasted the last line, so there shouldn't be any typos.

Thanks in advance,


Every time I try to solve for a variable it gives me an arrow.

ex solve(5.6*10^-4=((x)(x))/(0.2-x),x)

gives me

x -> 7/62500 - 7/12500 x

How do I get it to stop giving me the x -> ?

Or at least reset some options so I don't have to reinstall the whole thing?


first of all, this is my very fist question in this forum, so please excuse some formal mistakes I may make...

Using Maple 18.01 on Windows 7 64bit

To the topic: I want to calculate the eigenvalues of a complex matrix like this (just as an example):

M := Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = a+2.5*I, (1, 2) = 1-I*a, (2, 1) = 4, (2, 2) = a})

When I try to calculate


I get

Error, (in LinearAlgebra:-Eigenvalues) expecting either Matrices of rationals, rational functions, radical functions, algebraic numbers, or algebraic functions, or Matrices of complex(numeric) values

Strange, because if I replace the "2.5" with just "2", so an integer instead of a float, I get results:

I don't understand this strange behavior, since Mathematica i.e. calculates everything just fine...:

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Hi everyone,


I am exploring the physics package a bit. However, in the documentation I didn't find anything about how to setup operator-ket relations like:

A | l,m,n > = f(l,m,n) | g(l,m,n), h(l,m,n), z(l,m,n) >

The Creation and Annihilation operators were the only predefined ones I found.




My instructor gave me the problem lim as x goes to 0 of ((2 + x)^3 +8)/x I can't figure out how to get the lim as x goes to, to show up.  There is no button for it in the expressions pallette like there is for things like the piecewise function. My instructor won't help me.  Is there a basic guide I can buy or something.  This software isn't very intuitive. 

The installation / activation went without trouble. The problem occurs when I want to start Maple. The splash screen shows up with a blue loading bar and that's it. It just keeps loading, sometimes it gets to the end but nothing more. Taskmanager shows a CPU usage of +/- 15%. I searched the net for answers but I only found two similar situations. One was due to the java heap size and another one due to tcp/ip problems. I checked both but the problem still persists. I really need Maple for my courses and you guys are my last resort. I'm running it on win7 64bit and I tried both 32 and 64bit Maple.


I'm trying to set up the dirac algebra using the Physics package in maple 18. There are dirac gamma matricies (Dgamma) already specified, but I can't seem to manipulate their commutation relations. 

So I've tried building my own: 


Setup(noncommutativeprefix = {gamma});

g[1] := gamma[1]; g[2] := gamma[2]; g[3] := gamma[3]; g[4] := gamma[0];

InverseMetric := rhs(g_[`~mu`, `~nu`, matrix])

Algebra :=  (a, b) -> %AntiCommutator(g[a], g[b]) = 2*InverseMetric[a, b];

Rules := Matrix(4, 4, Algebra);

Setup(algebrarules = Rules);

Error, (in Physics:-Setup) unable to set AntiCommutator(gamma[0], gamma[1]) = 0 because, taking into account {AntiCommutator(gamma[0], gamma[0]) = 2}, we would have gamma[0] and gamma[0] anticommutative and AntiCommutator(gamma[0], gamma[0]) <> 0

It seems like Maple can't handle the Dirac Algebra? Or have I done something obviously wrong?

Any help is appreciated. 



I use Maple on my laptop computer (windows 8.1) with a small screen. My problem is that the text in the menus, palettes, plots etc. are so small so I can´t read it. I have set Large toolbar icons under the menu tools-options-interface and I use the zoom buttom on the toolbar but this only magnify the text in a document. I also use the magnifying glass in windows, but I find it very inflexible. Is there any better solution to this problem?

Kind Regards

Leif Jonson

Below is the function that I have.


f := (t-1)^(1/3)


b[n] := 2/p*(Int(f*sin(2*Pi*n*t/p), t = 0 .. p))


I also included a picture below to show what it is doing. Some help would be greatly appreciated. All I need to know is why maple doesn't want to evaluate bn?


Maple Code


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