Question: what's wrong with it when using rootlous command?

This is an exercise in my text book. The question is to plot the root locus of a system. The open-loop transfer function of the system is G(s).

I use maple command 'rootlocus()' to plot the root locus, but the result is not correct apparently. This make me very puzzling, now that maple use fsolve command to compute the roots as the help document illustrated. I expect maple should complete it easily, but failed. As the picture illustrated, the left picture is correct by using some software, and the right picture is not correct by using maple rootlocus command.

with(plots, rootlocus):
rootlocus(1/(s*(.2*s+1)*(.5+1)), s, 0 .. 30)

Can you tell me what's wrong with it?

Thank you in advance.

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