Question: Creating a custom component

Hello, MaplePrimes!

I want to create a custom component to solve a pulley dynamics problem using MapleSim. But I don’t know, how to do it, I’m a beginner in MapleSim.

So I decided to start my work with a simple model – I decided to create a custom component, which is equivalent with a standard component from MapleSim component library – Wheel Axle.

I’ve read a Help topic on Wheel Axle, from where I’ve found out differential equations, which describe Wheel Axle behavior

tau[R] = r*f[T]*dir

diff(s[T](t), t) = r*(diff(phi[R](t), t))*dir

After this I’ve created a custom component with the same differential equations




Then I’ve created a model to compare results, calculated using a standard component from MapleSim library and my custom component. All component parameters in the first and in the second models are equal, the dir of Wheel Axle dir=1.


The first plot – custom component, the second – component from MapleSim library. This plots are quite different. The first plot = -(The second plot). I can’t guess, what the problem of my custom component is. Does anybody have any ideas?

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