Question: fieldplot with numerical integration

I am trying to plot a vector field with fieldplot, but the vector field components contain a numerical integration (i.e. evalf(Int(...,...)). However, maple refuses to plot it, and gives me this error mesasge

"Error, (in plots/fieldplot) no non-zero vectors found"

maple has no problem evaluation the vector field at any value of x, and y, and takes only a fraction of a second for each point. However, if i change the integral inside the vector field components to int() instead of Int, evaluating the field at a given x and y seems to take for ever (not sure if it will ever do it, or stay frozen) and that's why I have to leave it as evalf(Int(...)).

can somebody suggest anything to solve this problem? is there a way to use fieldplot with an actual list of vectors (instead of a list of two components as functions of x and y or a vector field)?

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