Question: how to program this in maple


sorry for posting the same question again. reason: the equation no. (2)


Thank you so very much for your help.


I was to solve, means find y as a function of x, equations like the following


y(x) = 7/8 * x + 1/2 * int (x*t*y(t)^2,t=0..1)




To solve above, I need to program the following


1. Define


2. Now, I will assume a solution

u := sum(u[i]*p^i, i = 0 .. n)

3. Now we will substitute the equation (2) in the equation (1) {please do it for me and thank you}

4. Now we will set

H(u,p) =0

and equate the like powers of p on both the side of this equation. This will give us various equations. Upon solving these equations we will obtain u_i.


5. Substituting these values of u_i in equation (2) gives us our solution.


Please help me in programmin this.

Thank you so much.

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