Question: question handling in TA6

1.I have been using TA for some years but we have only recently moved from version 4 to version 6. In versions up to version 5, when a question was edited there was a two stage saving process ie. the question was saved and the question bank was saved. Only after these two saves did assignements containing the question reflect the edits in the question. I have an assignment which depends on a question in TA6 and I have edited saved the question. The assignment does not reflect the edits. I suspect I have to do the equivalent of the 'second save' in TA4 ie the question bank. However, I do not seem to be able to do it. I have worked around this by deleting the question from the assignment and adding the new question to the assignment. Can someone please advise me what I should do?

2.  When I edit a question, I also don't seem to see the original question in the question repository. I click on 'revisions' and it shows me the revisions! How do I see the original.

Any advice for using the question repository would be much appreciated

Many thanks,


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