Question: Maple gets unstable when doing 'bigger' animations

Hi there,

I am plotting flow diagrams of a 2-dimensional system of autonomous 1st order ODEs x'=f(x). I have some free parameters in there, and am analyzing how the flow changes qualitatively when varying these.

To visualise my results I want to do some animations. The Explore command doesn't seem to like the DEplot command, or I am doing something wrong. So I use the animate command, which works fine, although I can only vary a single parameter with it.

Anyway: The animation seems to be too big for my computer, although i think it shouldn't eb a problem. When executing it, my machine (MacBook Pro 15" 2011) calculates for 10-20 seconds. When it's done the simulation works fine. In the lower right corner the memory is up at 100-200M then (depending on how many frames, etc. I choose).

Although it works all fine so far, I have then problems saving the file, and quitting Maple:

When I press "save" it takes some seconds, but then it seems to be done. However when I then want to quit Maple, I am asked if I want to sage the changes, although I didn't do any. When pressing yes, it would save for some seconds again. But when I want to quit then I am asked the same question again. Also pressing "no" doesn't result in quitting Maple. So I need to force kill Maple. And when I reopen the file my simulation is gone!

Any ideas whats going on there? I know that the Simulation might be computational expensive. On the other hand, it only takes 10-20 seconds till it's done, and works fine! Just not saving the file..

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