Question: Exporting to Excel

Hello all,

Im trying to apply the working of the algorithm shown below to a more complex one(attached). The simple algorithm produces separate spreadsheets for different values of j. In the attached algorithm Im trying to produce different spreadsheets for different values of 'angle1'. I have applied the same structure but with no success. 


Can someone please have a look at my code and point me to my mistake?

Any help is really appreciated




Simple algorithm:

> S := ["j", "i", "c", "b"];
> S; with(LinearAlgebra); L := convert(S, Matrix);
> for j from 1 to 10 do;
> G := [];
> for i from 1 to 4 do;
> o := 1;
> c := j*i;
> b := 2*c;
> G := [op(G), [j, i, c, b]];
> G; with(LinearAlgebra); M := convert(G, Matrix);
> with(ExcelTools); Export(L, sprintf("F:/try/j=%d ,o=%d.xls", j, o), "Sheet0", "A1");
> with(ExcelTools); Export(M, sprintf("F:/try/j=%d ,o=%d.xls", j, o), "Sheet0", "A2");
> end do;
> end do;

 more complex algorithm

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