Question: How can I integrate a result of dsolve?

I have a multi-equation vehicle model that I can set up as

> sol3 := dsolve([eqB, eqC, eqD, eqE, eqF, speed(0) = 0, V(0) = 0.7047824398e-1], [Tm(t), 
Tw(t), V(t), omega(t), speed(t)]);

or, following a MaplePrimes post
> sys := [eqB, eqC, eqD, eqE, eqF];
> ics := [speed(0) = 0, V(0) = 0.7047824398e-1, omega(0) = 0, Tw(0) = 0, Tm(0) = 0];
> vars := [speed(t), V(t), omega(t), Tw(t), Tm(t)];
> A := LinearAlgebra[GenerateMatrix](map(rhs, sys), vars)[1];
> LinearAlgebra:-MatrixExponential(evalf(A), t).Vector(map(rhs, ics));
> sol3 := zip(`=`, vars, convert(%, list));
My goal is to plot the integral of the speed(t) portion of the solution over t=0..20
(giving me position vs time) and save a table of the plotted values.
How can I extract speed(t) from sol3 and do this integral and plot?


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