Question: I have some ambiguities to implement the given comments by Boughrara.

Dear Kamel Boughrara


I am grateful for your attention to my problem.

I have not the special boundary condition for phi[2](r,theta) and phi[4](r,theta) at this stage of process of solution. In fact, these functions are auxiliary functions to decouple high-coupled another PDEs.

 You tried to explain the stages of solution.  I ask for you to perform (write all requisite commands) to execute whatever you qualitatively explained in previous message.

Please write the corresponding commands of previous massage to fully understand for me. Perhaps, by this commands, I can resolve my problem.

You wrote equ1 is a Possion equation. What is Possion equation?

You wrote I can easily use superposition theorem to solve my PDE. How? What things should be superposed?

I think if you write all corresponding commands, all my ambiguities are automatically setteled.

Thanks for your help.

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