Question: Help Solving Problems in Maple

Can someone please help me with the Maple language in solving the following equations?  I have already solved them by hand but I am new to Maple and am having difficulty with the coding language.  Here are the problems:

1.  Graph the parametric curve x=2t-pi*sin(t), y=2-pi*cos(t) from 0 to 20.  The curve forms loops, determine the arc length of one loop. 

2.  Graph the rose curve r=sin(4theta) in polar coordinates.  Determine the area of one pedal. 

3.  Graph the implicit function x^2+y^2+4z^2=1.  Further determine the volume of the region inside of the surface. 

Any help that can be offered will be greatly appreciated.  I think you for your kindness. 

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