Question: How to use subs command?

I wrote the following MAPLE lines to determine the three constants a, b and c from three boundary conditions. Whatever a, b and c I get as result are correct. Now I want to substitute back the values of obtained a, b and c in the expression for Te to obtain the resulting temperature distribution. I used both algsubs(a, b, c, Te) and subs(a, b, c, Te) one by one to substitute a, b and c in the expression for Te and get the result. But both way it is showing error message. How do I get rid of this problem?


Te := a+b*y+c*y^2

eq1 := eval(Te, y = delta[t]) = T[inf]

eq2 := eval(diff(Te, y), y = delta[t]) = 0

Eq3 := eval(Te, y = 0) = T[w]+2*(2-sigma[t])*gamma*Kn*H*(eval(diff(Te, y), y = 0))/(sigma[t]*(gamma+1)*Pr)

eq3 := factor(simplify(Eq3, {2*(2-sigma[t])*gamma*Kn/(sigma[t]*(gamma+1)*Pr) = B}))

solve({eq1, eq2, eq3}, {a, b, c})

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