Question: bug in the plot function!?


I am looking at some experimental data, and am having a funky problem when trying to shift the data. The dummy example below illustrates it. Am I missing something obvious, or can anyone reproduce it?!.. I am usign maple 15 on linux 64-bit.




#some dummy data to illustrate the problem
t:=[seq(i, i=0.000000282900..0.000000303460, 0.00000000004)]:

#see a plot
plot(data[..,1], data[..,2]); # or just plot(data);

#now i want to shift the x axis, so that the data starts at zero
data[..,1]:=data[..,1] -~ data[..,1][1];

#plot it again - it's BROKEN!
plot(data[..,1], data[..,2]); #BROKEN!
plot(data[..,1], data[..,2], style=point); #BROKEN!

#but this works:
plots:-pointplot(data[..,1], data[..,2]);

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