Question: Error, (in printtab[CodeGeneration

Why do I get this error message:

X := proc (a, b) local w, V, i, E, s; global Nr, sampvar, u;

w := sampvar*(1-a-b);     V[2] := u[1]^2;

if w = 0 then w := 0.1e-4 end if;

for i from 3 to Nr-1 do V[i] := w+a*u[i-1]^2+b*V[i-1] end do;

for i from 2 to Nr-1 do E[i] := -(1/2)*ln(V[i]^2)-u[i]^2/V[i] end do;

s[1] := 0;   for i from 2 to Nr-1 do s[i] := s[i-1]+E[i] end do;


end proc:


Error, (in printtab[CodeGeneration:-Names:-Declaration]) local variables cannot have Array types

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