Question: Grid or Thread (parallel programig)

I want to ask a question about parallel programming capability of Maple (for Maple15). I have a 4-core PC (intel i7 processor) running under Windows-7(64-bits). I'm making a monte carlo simulation by using maple15. The simulation is very complicated such that it includes loops and inside these loops we use Newton-raphson method (a numerical algorithm). Because of being complicated iterative calculations, one simulation needs approximately 50 hours to be completed. And this is too much time for me since I need to repeat the simulation 48 times by using different parameters which will take months to be completed. How can I speed up this process? Can I use some Maple commands which use 4 processors of my computer at the same time (I mean parallel processing) that can shorten the time necessary to comple the overall simulation. If I can use 4 processors in parallel, maybe I can shorten the time to 1 fourth of the total time.

Sincerely yours,

Arzu Altin Yavuz

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