Question: Simulation economy challenge in Maple

I'm suggesting a challenge to someone who can create a simulation in Maple on a local economy when a large supercenter enters, first, a localized small area (town), then the effect on a much larger population (state / country / etc...).  A sort of local vs. large businesses.

I would like to create a business model that shows the eventual crash of rich economies due to the increased reliance on foreign imports from poor economies.  As an example, perhaps we can use Walmart to support this theory.  I don't have much data to start but I am hoping someone might find this idea interesting and create a cool worksheet in Maple to study the effects.

Here are some facts I found.
-For every Walmart supercenter opened 2 grocery stores are closed.
-60 cents on every dollar spent downtown stays downtown
-6 cents on every dollar spent in a supercenter stays downtown
-3 times as much money stays in the local economy when goods bought from locally owned businesses as compared to chain stores
-Walmart returned only 14.1% of their revenue to the local economy (mostly payroll)
-Local businesses rely on local services.
-Chain stores use international suppliers.

Much data missing to create an accurate model but I think it's safe to say that the overall prosperity of the people drops when such a situation occurs.  And vice versa in the poor economies, their overall prosperity rises.  And it becomes a see-saw model.  Rich become poor, poor become rich and the cycle repeats itself again and again.  Of course many factors play a part in the model which may not allow a state of equilibrium to ever be reached.

It would be interesting to see a simulation / model demonstrated in Maple.

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