Question: filling an array procedure

Hello, I've got a simple question in Maple7. I tried to fill the array "intXdA()" in the for-loop but I failed. How I have to declare it after "global" in the beginning? Is it possible to declare it after "n" is determined - so that it has n elements?


> flsp:= proc(f,ug,og) global i,n,intXdA()
   if  ug<0 and og=0 then n:=1 end if:
   if ug<0 and og>0 then n:=2 end if:
   for i from 1 by 1 to n do intXdA(i):=evalf(int(x*y(x),x=ug..og)): end do;
> flsp(x,-4,0);

For any tip I will be very grateful.

Thanks for your help!

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