Question: Axis re-orientation and fixation

Hi there

I'm a new user of Maple 15 and would really appreciate some tips on how to get started, this time more specifically on how to change the axis orientation. I'm a geotechnical engineer and in practice we always plot all the soil properties (strength, density, water content, etc) with depth, and so it should be positive downwards. 

I've seen a few posts where the issue was raised by some people years ago but was just curious to know if the new version 15 has resolved this. Also, Maple automatically assumes that your independent variable is on the horizontal axis. My independent variable will be depth and so want to plot it positive downwards and the other soil properties on the horizontal axis positive to the right.

I've also noticed that when using the Explore function the axis keeps changing rather than the curve itself, is there a way to keep the axis and gridlines fixed so they don't change?

Thanks a lot


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