Question: Change to 1-D math (math input) with command in initialisation file

I've made exam questions for students that they have to answer by doing some calculations in Maple.

I would like to let them copy the commands they used to a Maple TA text field.

However, the standard worksheet in our computer lab uses 2-D math. Copying this 2-D math to Maple TA works fine with "paste as plain text", but copying 1-D math also works with ctrl-v in Maple TA, which is more convenient for students under stress.

Since I am not allowed change the settings in the computer lab, I'm looking for a way to change the 2-D math to 1-D math mode in each student's worksheet individually. Normally, I would just use the tools-options, but that costs definitely too much time for 60 different worksheets. 

Is there a Maple command that does the same trick as tools-options- display - input display - maple notation - apply to session? 

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