Question: Integrate matrix

Hi, I try to integrate the following but it is giving me more than i want, how do I fix that ?

The answer should be just [0.1745329,0.6981317,0.1745329]. The answer with power of minus 9 and minus 10 is insignificant.


Please help. Many thanks

eta1 := eta0+L:

eta2 := eta0+2*L:

N0 := Matrix([[(eta-eta1)*(eta-eta2)/(2*L^2), (eta-eta0)*(eta-eta2)/(-L^2), (eta-eta0)*(eta-eta1)/(2*L^2)]])

Matrix([[(1/2)*(eta-eta0-L)*(eta-eta0-2*L)/L^2, -(eta-eta0)*(eta-eta0-2*L)/L^2, (1/2)*(eta-eta0)*(eta-eta0-L)/L^2]])



L := evalf(2*Pi/(6*2)):


E3 := simplify(map(int, N0, eta = eta0 .. eta2))

Matrix([[-0.1036887563e-8*eta0^2-0.1538831686e-8*eta0+.1745329247, 0.8171380640e-9*eta0^2+0.9977723911e-9*eta0+.6981317015, -0.1036887563e-8*eta0^2-0.5963538897e-9*eta0+.1745329256]])




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