Question: Reinjecting solutions of numerically solved differential equations into other functions and looking for local maxima and minima in a limited range.


for one of my projects I require to solve differential equations I have obtained from an euler-lagrange system.

I solved them and obtained values of angles and their derivatives as listprocedures. I want however to be able to calculate values for different speeds noted as vx2 and vy2 as well as the angle of the speed verctor wich would be in that case arctan(vy2/vx2). It doesn't seem however that maple is going to do that. It gives me a pretty huge message about recieving a procedur rather than a variable. So how could I obtain values of the speed vector and the angle calculated by arctan.

I would also like to calculate the point at which the norm of (vx2^2+vy2^)^(1/2) is at it's maximum value. Is there a way to calculate it?

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