Question: How to deal with: "Error, (in content/polynom) general case of floats not handled"?

Dear All,

I am trying to find (complex) eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a matrix as a function of a variable. Using the following commands lead to the respective errors:

- LinearAlgebra[Eigenvalues](A): Error, (in content/polynom) general case of floats not handled

- LinearAlgebra[Eigenvectors](A): Error, (in LA_Main:-Eigenvectors) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 0.2480392156e-4*abs(Re((1452.935000+1298.465000*erf(eta))^2.67*exp(-26.32/(12.07970159+10.79543801*erf(eta)))*(.5-.5*erf(.5179382203*eta))/exp(-0.1088e5/(1452.935000+1298.465000*erf(eta)))))+0.2480392156e-4*abs(Im((1452.935000+1298.465000*erf(eta))^2.67*exp(-26.32/(12.07970159+10.79543801*erf(eta)))*(.5-.5*erf(.5179382203*eta))/exp(-0.1088e5/(1452.935000+1298.465000*erf(eta))))) < 0.2480392156e-5*abs(Re((1452.935000+1298.465000*erf(eta))^2.67*exp(-26.32/(12.07970159+10.79543801*erf(eta)))*(.5-.5*erf(.5179382203*eta))/exp(-0.1088e5/(1452.935000+1298.465000...

Please find enclosed my source code. It seems to me that Maple does not like handling both symbol and figures while computing complex eigenvalues and eigenvectors (since it works well when all is numerical). So, how to overcome this issue (because Maple should be able to handle this type of computation)?

Thank you in advance for your help.



frozenFlow := proc () local LeH2, LeO2, T0; global T1, yH2, yO2, theta, eta; description "define the frozen flow solution (with T0 and T1 in K)"; LeH2 := .26826; LeO2 := 1.0688; T0 := 154.47; T1 := 2751.4; yH2 := .5*(1.-erf(eta*sqrt(LeH2))); yO2 := .5*(1.+erf(eta*sqrt(LeO2))); theta := 1.+.5*(1.-T0/T1)*(erf(eta)-1.); return  end proc:

rateCoefficients := proc () local R; global k1f, k2f, k3f, k4f, k4b, k6b, k8b, k11, k12f, kc; description "define rate coefficients (with R in kJ.K-1.mol-1 and E in kJ.mol-1)"; R := 0.8314e-2; k1f := 0.352e17*(T1*theta)^((-1)*.7)*exp((-1)*71.42/((R*T1*theta))); k2f := 0.506e5*(T1*theta)^2.67*exp((-1)*26.32/((R*T1*theta))); k3f := 0.117e10*(T1*theta)^1.3*exp((-1)*15.21/((R*T1*theta))); k4f := 0.575e20*(T1*theta)^((-1)*1.4)*exp((-1)*0./((R*T1*theta))); k4b := 0.465e13*(T1*theta)^.44*exp((-1)*0./((R*T1*theta))); k6b := 0.269e13*(T1*theta)^.36*exp((-1)*231.86/((R*T1*theta))); k8b := 0.103e24*(T1*theta)^((-1)*1.75)*exp((-1)*496.14/((R*T1*theta))); k11 := 0.162e12*(T1*theta)^.61*exp((-1)*100.14/((R*T1*theta))); k12f := 0.815e24*(T1*theta)^((-1)*1.9)*exp((-1)*207.62/((R*T1*theta))); kc := 0.4080e10*exp((-1)*0.1088e5/((T1*theta))); return  end proc:

matrixA := proc () global A, Eige, Eigen, Vect, VectInverse; description "find diagonal coefficients, eigenvalues and eigenvectors of matrix A"; A := Matrix([[-k2f*yH2/kc, 0., 0., k1f*yO2/kc, 0., 0.], [k2f*yH2/kc, -k3f*yH2/kc, 2.*(k12f/kc), k1f*yO2/kc, 0., k8b/kc], [0., 0., -k12f/kc, 0., k11*yH2/kc, 0.], [k2f*yH2/kc, k3f*yH2/kc, 0., -(k1f+k4f)*yO2/kc, k4b/kc+k11*yH2/kc, k8b/kc], [0., 0., 0., k4f*yO2/kc, -k4b/kc+k11*yH2/kc, 0.], [0., k3f*yH2/kc, 0., 0., 0., -k8b/kc]]); Eige := LinearAlgebra[Eigenvalues](A); print(Eige); Eigen, Vect := LinearAlgebra[Eigenvectors](A); print(Eigen); print(Vect); VectInverse := LinearAlgebra[MatrixInverse](Vect); print(VectInverse) end proc:

frozenFlow(); rateCoefficients(); matrixA()

Error, (in content/polynom) general case of floats not handled




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