Question: Second degree proc

> seconddegree:= proc(a,b,c) 
 if a=0 then if b=0 and c=0 then print ('infinite solutions')  
elif b=0 and c<>0 then print ('impossible')  
elif b<>0 and c<>0 then print (' one solution',x=-(c)/(b))fi;   
delta:=b^(2)-4 *a*c;    
elif if delta=0 then print('double solution',x=-b/(2 a))  
elif delta >0 then print ('exist two  solutions',x1=((-b+sqrt(delta)))/(2 a),x2=((-b-sqrt(delta)))/(2 a))  
elif delta <0 then print ('exist two conjugate imaginary solutions', x1=((-b+I*sqrt(-delta)))/(2 a),x1=((-b-I*sqrt(-delta)))/(2 a))
fi;fi;end proc;  ;

Error, invalid 'elif' clause
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