Question: Ask for help! program about maple

Hello everybody! I have a question that how to show the number of roots of Eqs automatically. Followings are part of my program: 

>U:=solve({-2/phi^3*u[0]^2*diff(phi,x)-4/phi^3*w[0]*diff(phi,x)-2*u[0]/phi^3*diff(phi,x)^2, -6/phi^4*u[0]*diff(phi,x)*v[0]+12*v[0]/phi^4*diff(phi,x)^2, -2/phi^3*v[0]*diff(phi,x)+2/phi^3*w[0]*diff(phi,y)},{u[0],v[0],w[0]});

I can obtain three items roots. My question is how can I obtain the number of roots automatically by using the program!

Sorry for my poor English!


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