Question: How do I solve DAEs given by MapleSim in Maple?

If I have a MapleSim file that successfully runs and I want to manipulate the data and equations in Maple, how would I do that? I know how to link a MapleSim file to a Maple document, and how to pull out the system of reduced DAE's, ODE's, parameters, etc. My question is whether or not there's a simple way to have Maple solve those equations and be able to display the same type of data (graphs, export the numerical solution to the system to an Excel file, etc.) that I would if I enter the command MapleSim:-LinkModel(Simulation0):-Simulate(). I tried simply putting the equations that came out of A:=MapleSim:-LinkModel(Simulation0):-GetEquations(output=daes) into dsolve(A), but received no visual output; I also tried putting the equations into a list to solve via dsolve's D.E. system solver, but I couldn't due to some conditional terms in the set.


I can provide more details if you'd like if I haven't provided enough information to get an idea of how to answer my question.


Thanks so much for your time!



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