Question: Problem with loading own module.

I have written a (rather extensive) module, which I can load without problems if I run it in the following way:


restart: libname:="C:\\PathToLib",libname; with(NameOfLib);


Note that the above is all in one line and executed at once. If, however, I load the library like above, but line by line, the loading fails, giving the error "Error, Did not recognize this structure's syntax".

How can there be a difference when executing code line by line and in one line? What could be the problem with the module (I don't have this error for other modules)?

The module was originally written in an older version of maple, but I recompiled it (using march(...); and savelib(...);) under Maple 16.

If you need further details about the module itself, I will provide these. Thanks for any suggestions in advance!

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