Question: make 2D math output NOT DISPLAY syle? (i.e. not centered) but left justified

Using Maple 16. In Document mode. Tools->OutputDisplay->2D Math I want when the output comes out, to be LEFT justified and Not Centered. The reason is that when I export to Latex, it comes out as \[\displaystyle \,{..... And I do not want the result to be centered.
I want the math just to be that each equation in the output to start from the
left edge of the page. So that if I have 3 equations in the output, in my
latex document, I want them to look like xxxx xxxxxxxxx xx and not like this xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx I do not mind if it is centered inside Maple itself, on the screen. I just do not want it to be centered like the above in Latex export. Otherwise I have to edit the Latex by hand each time I export the Maple document to Latex and remove the \[displaystyle Latex code by hand. not good. I looked at the export options also for Latex, and do not see anything there. I think if I tell it not to show 2D display as displayed equations this should fix things. I tried 2D Math notation and also Typeset Notation. They both behave the same. Any ideas?
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