Question: Error in BooleanSimplify( )

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to use MAPLE 16 for Boolean algebra computations. BooleanSimplify( ) command in Logic-Mathematics is giving me incorrect results, in the following code:


f:=(not(x1)and not(x2) and not(x3)) or (x1 and x2 and x4);   #Create a 4 variable function f

g:=((x1 and x2) or (x2 and x3)) or (x3 and x4);    #Create another 4 variable function g

f2:=f &or g;

f3:=Canonicalize(f2,{x1,x2,x3,x4},form=DNF);   #To create DNF representation of f2


#The above command simply returns 'true', but the result is incorrect, as can be easily checked by printing the #truth table of f3.

Can anybody please help?

Thanks a lot.


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