Question: Symbolic Integration question

Hi, I was trying to carry out a Sybolic integration "u1" as below:

> assume(0 < ct, ct < cl);

> u1 := int(int(sin(omega*(ts+ys/ct))*Heaviside(t-ts-ys/ct), ys = H-cl*ts .. ct*ts), ts = H/(cl+ct) .. (H+cl*tau[l])/(cl+ct));

and I use a special case "u1test" to test if u1 is correct:

> u1test := int(int(sin(omega*(ts+(1/3140)*ys))*Heaviside(t-ts-(1/3140)*ys), ys = H-6300*ts .. 3140*ts), ts = H/(6300+3140) .. (H+6300*tau[l])/(6300+3140));

However, i found that after substituting "cl = 6300, ct = 3140" into u1 (subs(cl=6300,ct=3140,u1)), the result is not equal to u1test, i.e., "subs(cl=6300,ct=3140,u1)-u1test" is nonzero.

Does anyone know why?and how to carry out u1 correctly?




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