Question: Animate..Display

I want to animate the display of a polygon. It's the platform of a stewart gough rig. Have 200 poses stored as Platformi i i=2..200. the Base is static( obiviously). Haven't been able to figure out how to get    animate(display .....) to work. The work sheet just contains copy/pasted commands. The time period for the animated display is about 10 seconds but real time is not that important. How do I get this to work?

Platform[i] := polygonplot3d(B1, color = "blue")

polygonplot3d(B1, color = "blue")


Base := polygonplot3d(A, color = "Indigo", axes = normal)

polygonplot3d(A, color = "Indigo", axes = normal)


animate(display, [Base, Platform[i]], i = 2 .. 200)

animate(display, [polygonplot3d(A, color = "Indigo", axes = normal), polygonplot3d(B1, color = "blue")], i = 2 .. 10)




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