Question: Evaluate integral with polynomial in the denominator

Hello all,

I'm trying to evaluate the integral (on Maple 14):

int(lambda/(A+B*lambda)^2,lambda=0..1) assuming A::positive, B::positive;

Maple cannot evaluate the integral, but returns the function call.  However, if I try to evaluate this in Mathematica, which I also have access to, it can evaluate it.  (The result is -(B+(A+B)ln(A/(A+B)))/B^2(A+B), if anyone is interested.)  I was wondering if there's something I'm doing wrong with the assumptions since Maple can't evaluate it.

(For those who are interested, I care because this is going into an integro-differential equation later, which Maple has better support for than Mathematica.)  I'm sorry if this is answered elsewhere; I haven't been able to find it.

Thanks so much!

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