Question: How to plot a dependent variable against a parameter?

Hi every one,

I am trying to find a way to plot a dependent variable against a parameter. 

The data I want to use for this ploting should be from the numerical results

obtained by using shooting method.


restart:ShootLib := "C:/MP/Shoot9/":
> libname := ShootLib, libname:
> with( Shoot ):
> with(plots):with(LinearAlgebra):
> A:=0:
> FNS:={ f(z), G(z), H(z)}:
> ODE:={diff(f(z),z) = G(z),
> diff(G(z),z) = H(z),
> diff(H(z),z) = -f(z)*H(z)-G(z)*(1-G(z))-A*(G(z)-1+0.5*z*H(z))}:
> IC:={f(0)=s, G(0)=1+lambda1,H(0)=1}:
> BC:={G(9)=1}:
> infolevel[shoot]:=1:
> S:=shoot( ODE, IC, BC, FNS,[lambda1=0,s=1] ):
From the above procedure, now I want to plot H(0) against lambda1.
For the shooting lib please use this file,
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