Question: How to create a lib file from a mpl file?

The instructions say:

"To create the X package you have to execute 'maple -s -q X.mpl'
on the command line and then you will get two files X.lib and X.ind."
For some reason I was not able to create the files on the command line (Windows).
Threfore I tried read "C:/.../X.mpl". Now I got the error:
"Error, on line 38, syntax error, cannot open $include file: series.mpl: $include "series.mpl"
Is it the `$´ character to which Maple points to (^) or does Maple not find the file "series.mpl"?
(I do not want to replace "series.mpl" by an absolute path in X.mpl.)
 How can I proceed?
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